Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Frame those walls!

Last Saturday, we had a couple over for the day. He and I in 3-4 hours we able to get aal of the walls framed up. See pix! I have some 10-foot 2x4's left over that I will use for the deck at $3.69 a board as opposed to $12 a board for pressure treated lumber and $18-24 a board for Trex. I have to do some retrofitting as one corner overlaps (see pic on the right).

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gable or shed...

I am altering the design for the treehouse. First, I will switch from gable roof to shed roof. I am also chopping the end wall down from 8 ft to 6 ft. Why am I doing this (especially as I already built two walls? Well, the short answer is that shed walls are cheaper, faster and easier to build and I think the ceiling should be shorter to give the treehouse a more kid-like dimension (although it is high enough for me to stand in without whacking my head). Also, my wife wants to speed up the construction and the kids want to get in there before the snows fly!

We're on our way!

We added plywood decking last week. You can see the result. With the plywood added, the deck supports really tighten up!instability is really lessened. Nice kids on the deck!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Deck frame going up!

This weekend, a buddy of mine across the street volunteered to help with the building process. It was much appreciated (thanks, Jonathan!) as putting up the joists would have been a bear alone. He and I got plywood for the floor. I mis-calculated and was one sheet short. I had to take the kids back to HD. They are getting quite excited now that they can see the platform. Next is placing the plywood - tricky because I didn't check the diagonals on the deck frame, so I question how square it is. Hmmm...