Monday, July 28, 2008

The beginning of the treehouse

I am going to build a treehouse for my two kids in the backyard this summer. i have already checked out numerous websites (see links), bought a book (Black and Deckers', How to Build a Treehouse) and rented one form the library (Treehouses and Playhouses by David and Jeanie Stiles). The kids are excited as am I. My wife is a little concerned about time and money. I'm throwing up a blog to keep track of the process.

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David said...

Just found your blog, kind of by chance encounter, at a blog called - incredible treehouses of the world. Oh and regarding your wifes concerns about time and money, you can either get right in and do the treehouse, enjoy it as the kids grow up with it, and enjoy all the benefits, or if you don't, regret never investing the little bit of time and money on doing a project like it, and never experience the happiness the kids will get out of it (just make sure it is always safe, and kids are monitered in it at all times). Of the two options, I would have to pick the first one!