Monday, August 18, 2008


11 inches in three weeks! That's what weather is doing to my work days. We are getting 4 days of sun this week and my daughter is free this week, do we hope to begin. I have the wood and the bolts needed for the main support beams.

Two minor changes. I bought two - 2"x12" 16-footers (PT wood). I was going to use them nailed together as on 4x12. I decided it would be better to install them as 2x12 s one on either side of the tree trunks.

Also, I think that I'm going to change the structure of the 4x6 posts holding up the other end of the platform. I will install a 4x6 beam on top of the two 2x6 beams build a deck-like understructure for the fixed end of the main platform. I am thinking of adding a foot to the deck and a foot to the house. This will allow more room in the treehouse and on the deck.
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