Saturday, December 20, 2008

treehouse in snow

We got five inches of snow last night, so after I cleared the cars and woked n the driveway with my wife, my daughter and I checked out the treehouse (still standing!) I shoveled off some snow to take the strain off. Here ae some pictures. y daughter's in the 1st one. Boy, are we cold!


David Stiles said...

Hi. Looks like your treehouse passed the snowload requirement since it is still standing. It looks great in the snow. Keep up the good work.

David & Jeanie Stiles

David said...

Yeah i guess even in Massachessets this must be a very cold winter relatively. Up here in Ontario (SW ontario, about 1.5 hours west of Toronto) we are having one of the coldest winters in the past 20 years. Last week overnight lows were about -25C (approx minus 20F) and daytime highs -15C (approx 0F). I feel even more sorry for western Canada, where temps have hit -35C to -45C (almost -50F), and thats without the windchill!