Friday, September 11, 2009

Back again

No I haven't been in hibernation since January. I have been occupied by many work and life experiences till now. During the summer, my father passed away after a long illness. I feel that the treehouse is a gift now to my kids so I can show them that I enjoy them as much as I enjoyed my dad.

During the spring I put on the roof with the help of my neighbor and Buddy, Johnathan across the street. we did it without breaking anything and a minimum of bruises. I then crawled up on the roof and laid out the tar paper. It was wobbly up there, so I will install the cedar shingles when i finish installing the siding on the walls.


David said...

Thank goodness your back! I was starting to get worried, and figured maybe you didn't like random other treehouse builders following your blog, so I stopped following. I am sorry to hear about your father, but I have to say that your thoughts on your relation to the treehouse and what it represents are truly uplifting!

boomhaus said...

No, No, not at all! I appreciate the comments. This is my first blog
so I forget to check for comments. As you can see, I am now working
on the siding.. My daughter told me she wants a sleepover in the
treehouse for her 11th birthday next July. I'll have to check out
your blogs as well. Thanks for the kind thoughts about by dad, he
was one in a million! Talk to you soon.. I updated the blog