Thursday, July 22, 2010

Home stretch/under the gun - roofing

So now, July is coming and with it my daughters birthday party. She wants to have it as a sleep over in the treehouse, so I have to come through. The next big item on my punch list is a roof. After lots of web browsing and research I chose a cedar shingle roof. It has the right combination of water resistance and lack of weight that would work in a treehouse. I picked up/rent some roofing paper, a nailer and compressor as well as 5 stacks of shingles. Throwing on my safety harness (Spiderman gear), I got on the roof and started nailing. Here is the view of my safety harness and the roofing paper.

Boy - was I beat! Now here it is 2/3rds done.

Finally! All done after nine hours on the roof.


Liquid Rubber said...

Nice idea of tree house i like it i just wish her very pleasant to day and happy birth day.

treeguy said...

Thank, Liquid Rubber. More details to come!

Lino Kosters said...

I love tree houses. I had one when I was young. It was built by my dad. It was made of wood, but with a tin roof, so it's a bit hot there during summer. My dad changed it to shingles just like yours a year later.